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E-shop on Cecilia Perez Haute Couture

E-shop on Cecilia Perez Haute Couture

A well known designer who has been in business for more than 28 years, Cecilia Perez, is moving into a broader technological platform by widening its reach and offering its high end fashion through an e-commerce site.

Hop in this Spring into Cecilia Perez Haute Couture e-commerce website and take advantage of this limited edition collection on handbags and purses. Cecilia Perez has always followed those requests done by her customers and one that has been requested repeatedly is to change her website into an e-commerce one enabling all potential and current customers around the world purchase her creations. The website has not modified the intrinsic value of each item since the idea behind making each piece exclusive continues to be a valid one. Thus, the availability of these items is limited and maintaining a trendy forward fashion.

The online boutique will be launching withing the last two weeks of April withstanding its high end quality by providing artistic fashionable creations.

The website will continue to display news, press releases and other pieces that can only be purchased by contacting the company directly since they are tailor made and adjusted to your specific needs.

Cecilia Perez philosophy is kept by promising an ultimate experience in which each item continues to have Cecilia's own handiwork art impregnated and lavished with distinctive features that make her the designer she is today.

The website will also incorporate the social media which is in an explosive growth in today's world allowing you to be part of the designer's groups, discussions and blogs.