Cecilia Pérez


Cecilia Perez invites you to visit her new Web page.

Cecilia Perez invites you to visit her new Web page.

Cecilia Perez has been creating unforgettable feminine Haute Couture designs for 28 years. Her passion in life was art, having studied water color, oil and sculpture. Her natural artistic talent and hervast knowledge of sewingled her to design pieces of Haute couture, drawing on mannequins. Her contemporary designs are characterized by their exquisite finishes, unique details, the combination of materials, impeccable construction, magnificent drapes, bridal lace and fine envelopes in fabrics and accessories. She always says:"I am an artist, not a designer."

Is now showing her new Pret a porter collection, with very few units, which characterize her sport shirts with beautiful collars and cuffs. Unforgettable!

Here we bring something new and unexpected beautiful handbags for different occasions, each designed whim sically choosing different materials, among which are several an cient fringes, different stones, fabrics intertwined, Italian fitting sand as always, antique touches on some of them.

They worked in kid skin, suede, hand made fabrics and a few with snakes kindetail, called roses which evokes for her favorite flower.

We invite everyone to this new event in CeciliaPerez. Enjoy!...Was created for you!