Cecilia Pérez




Creative and passionate towards love, nature and art!

Since a little girl, was in a painting Studio, mastered oil, watercolor and sculpture. Attended Plastic Arts classes and was licensed in Fine Arts.

Design was born within her spirit from Day 1.

Even though the development of sewing patterns was not something that she loved to learn, her mother insisted and she took several courses in that regard as well as French sewing techniques and finishes. She ascertains the art of sewing at a very young age as well as stitching and knitting which allowed her innovative mind to flow.

For 24 years she has been dedicated to her profession: Haute Couture designer. Every day God enlightens her mind and soul inspiring unique pieces assembled over a mannequin.

Her designs are contemporary and maintain her essence.

"The most important aspect when designing a piece for someone is to take into consideration their personality and taste which in turn will make that woman look splendid."?

She has participated in several International runways. The upcoming one will be in New York: Couture Designers, in September, 2008.

She"?s in love with LOVE and affirms that without this feeling you have nothing.

Her fervor towards her family is eternal and today she has 4 grandchildren that are her infatuation.